Put the CCPA to work for you

Leveraging the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is simple - but you must take action.

As a Californian the only step you need to take is to make a request of a business subject to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

To make it as easy as possible to use the CCPA you'll find below:

  1. Links to web forms
  2. Email addresses including a CCPA email template
  3. Phone numbers

While there are many companies that collect and sell data on your these are some of the most active aggregators and sellers of consumer information.

Dear Privacy Officer,

My name is [** name **]. I am a California resident and I am exercising rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). For the purpose of identification and correspondence regarding this request only my email address is [** email **] and my phone number is [** phone **].

I would like to request a copy of any and all records your company has collected concerning me and my devices including, but not limited to:

  1. Specific personal information
  2. Classification, categorization and inferences made about me
  3. What information you have received from or given to third parties about me
  4. A list of third parties my information has been given to

Furthermore, I “opt-out” and request you do not sell, exchange, or disclose any of my information.

Lastly, I request you delete all information about or regarding me to the fullest extent under the law.


[** signature **]

Category Name Website Email Phone
Data Broker ASL Marketing Web Form privacy@aslmarketing.com 516-248-6100
Data Broker Axciom Web Form consumeradvo@acxiom.com
Data Broker Data Partners Web Form optout@datapartners.com 866-423-1818
Data Broker Digital Media Solutions Web Form legal@thedmsgrp.com 800-719-5930
Data Broker Epsilon Web Form privacy@epsilon.com 866-267-3861
Data Broker Equifax Web Form privacy@equifax.com 866-295-6801
Data Broker Experian Web Form 833-210-4615
Data Broker Foursquare Web Form privacy@foursquare.com 855-505-8916
Data Broker Infogroup Web Form privacyteam@infogroup.com 402-836-3377
Data Broker LexusNexus Web Form ccpa@lexisnexisrisk.com 888-497-0011
Data Broker Oracle (Datalogix) Web Form
Data Broker PeekYou Web Form info@peekyou.com
Data Broker TowerData Web Form privacy@towerdata.com 866-377-3630
Data Broker TransUnion Web Form 866-310-8783
Data Broker V12 Web Form privacy@v12data.com 866-467-8688
Data Broker ownerIQ Web Form privacy@owneriq.com 844-392-1073
Service Provider AT&T Web Form privacypolicy@att.com 866.385.3193
Service Provider Plaid Web Form privacy@plaid.com
Service Provider Sprint Web Form officeofprivacy@sprint.com 866-429-1055
Service Provider T-Mobile Web Form privacy@t-mobile.com 800-937-8997
Service Provider Verizon Wireless Web Form privacyoffice@verizon.com 800-333-3972

If you'd like to add a business or suggest a change please contact us at info@enclude.com.